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A Note on alice blue

Jupiter is a Garden of Storms

The Executioner We Can't Live Without

A Note on alice blue


10 years ago I sat in a tiny two bedroom apartment in Northgate Seattle for which I paid $275 for one of the rooms and with my roommates and friends at the time conceived of starting an online journal. 10 years ago I couldn't have really imagined the 10 years that would come—the people I would have chance to meet and publish and grow fond of, and the people I would have chance to turn down. (I've had chance to turn down, for instance, no less than 3 1980s teen celebrities, for instance.) Sometimes it was exhausting or stressful or I just really didn't want to do it. Sometimes I didn't want to pour through 500 submissions because I really just wanted to watch Seinfeld in syndication or sleep or write my own poems.

But looking back, I couldn't be more grateful. Nothing in my life would be the same if it weren't for alice blue—for our readers, our writers, our family. Thank you to everyone who has ever supported this weirdo adventure. It's been a motherfucking honor.




Jupiter is a Garden of Storms


Some things are planted

or go to seed and some things

grow uncontrolled like fire

a burning wilderness

In a year all worlds created

are created anew and all worlds

seek new ways to survive

a new year's burning

Planets are just like people

trying to survive

or like gods hurtling through space

riding each turbulent gravity

as they come

As they come the storms

are coming upon us the weather

uprooting all that was built


The Executioner We Can't Live Without


The wind a scythe

The executioner the mother

The mother the wind the mother

gives birth the world gives

the wind and the blood

blankets like grass in the prairie

O Mother sing a new song

about the blood in the grass

because we are running out of breath

we are running against the scythe

like rabbits so many born so many

slaughtered and mother's voice

is the weapon is the scythe

the mother's voice is the wind

singing us to sleep our blood

her blood running


AMBER NELSON is the author of several chapbooks, most recently Dutch Baby Combo (Dancing Girl). Her full-length, In Anima: Urgency is available from Coconut Books.

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