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Hand of Jupiter

Poem to be Gathered with a Net In Scandinavia

Hand of Jupiter


Tonight my hand
is the exact size and shape
of Jupiter.

Donít even get me started
on the color.

My hairdo:
two condors fighting,
or making love.

Tomorrow I'm going
to throw
the change-up.


Poem to be Gathered with a Net In Scandinavia


Instantaneously, I show up in the hallway and love
the formatting. The wallpaper here is a million

medium ribbed waves, all around enormous egrets.
I can easily touch both coasts. I'm totally craving

the coastline you said rises and falls away.
A book for children rests outside my door, wide open.

Here's the page where a family of dump trucks sits down
to dinner. Now the egrets huddle together,

but they are all different sizes. I'm wearing
Pre-Styled-Contemporary-Classic-Look, number two.

One egret has normal legs. One egret has a fragmite leg.
Twelve egrets are white, but most are just enveloped in salt.

Oh, never mind, that is a normal egret leg after all.
Look! Another gigantic egret has a speedboat for a beak!

Meanwhile, fist sized apples overflow the kitchen basin,
now becoming visible off the bountiful Finnish coast.


CHRIS THEIM holds an MFA from the University of Montana. He currently lives in Wilmington, Delaware, teaching English at The Delaware Technical & Community College and philosophy for the University of Phoenix.

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