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My Dearest Jezebel

Screened: Hollywood

My Dearest Jezebel


"And the dogs shall eat Jezebel in the portion of Jezreel,
and there shall be none to bury her."
                                                          -2 Kings, 9: 7, 10

Overextended into fugaciousness, is she? overextended garrulity?
Overextended for some tête-à-tête girl?

She carps a cooling, the vestigially versed Eve of the metaphors,
Anti-laconical unto herself—exogenic contrivance, a

Variagator of countenance, for to: inveiglement. Ribs went
Missing, recondite or reckless, all men winglessly

Flanked in the fraudulent osculation of eyes: doubled,
An exiguous mess of the father. This sonance spurring the

Occlusion of elusion: she carves the eyes in fertile firmaments,
A fulmination of vacant authorships, a flouting facetious for

Its misanthropic mores. A maker of men, she is sedulous
With the stuff: sad dogs, the clay is clay!! Ahab and Baal

And Elijah to their towers! Could the coterie be convivial for
Once?! (Ratiocination is the ration of attrition for these parts

Of it.) Leave them to themselves and they’ll be finished in
Three mornings. Man is the constitutional triumvirate of

Cloned cloning, a mathematics gone array, an incest of multiplicity
And ego: (Hoc ergo squared, plus the Brutus that makes man

Woman; murder off one and man becomes the holier
Nature without the crux). She lies like a god, my dearest Jezebel.


Screened: Hollywood


This also makes it long (With that at some pregnant
Loin I sit sated.) So more chinks on rocks

(That wrong, some small fragment)
Were sunk not having slunk or strained

A pleasant-scented show of wood.
And more white snow on this number couldn't

Mate into single sunken bowers because length
And Gandhi seem laughter-tattered. Mr. Forget-me-not

Sold secret coils: most pricks do in slang. Passive,
Friction: sibilance foremost shocked. The long haul

Was island tall: We’ll be pleased to stay!
Distasteful shorts brought on into an emotive play!

Yes, is the need by mystery: some file slots in small
Pockets to slide; some file plots in packets stay fresh.

(No, wrong) This truth, honestless, makes implicating
Frank. Fanatics may, so said, say

Yes, frightening mores yet marked blows
For women have undone!- (Something’s reason fed

To swallow.) Some squint. The personal
Honor saunters west.


AK SCIPIONI is a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Her poems have been published or are forthcoming in Denver Quarterly, 1913, the Literary Review, Columbia Review, Verse, and Diagram.

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