t h o m a s    c o o k
t    f    d


                              from Monster: a Glottochronology


Now, I call...

This tonsured, tousled...

Schedule bitters intermittently...

Not exactly owning real property are we?

Now, I call...


Now, I call
to hinge feelings.

I won the gelée!

            Not this mallet, layered, stripped like our lip:

Who tightened the shoes as such?
I will hot these, hun.
I put it in the entryway with boots.
I tip, yet I way too.

                        Not these verdant dung snips, not the porches:

Not a wrapper with spoon, not a thump and a ring:

Seven courses?
Even ours.


This tonsured, tousled...


This tonsured, tousled and earnest spleen & only
            This parliamentary print in case of friction as ball:
These grapes & gardenias have hickory saluting us:
            Not this washing of candlestick, not to masticate excuse:
Not these resplendent cries, not a silver incision or aim:
            Not this waiting, not the hawking to cull: toast to shoulder:
This hot dickey has root, this gangster will lean:
            This nada gets towel, comes simian, this extant:
This crab-eating, this top shelf turtle is snapping:
            Not this beastly wave stampede, not alleways shaved!
Not this swallow, this whoof to concentrate on turf: go:
            Not this surf, these crevices, this hour-burr or fanaticals:
This checkered bird roulade, this creeping hands keepsake:
            This beading airy spank, these plates rolled quaint:
This jumping favor iota, this guest next cannibalizes:
            Not this candle popover gear: not steaming candelabra:
Not this trusty, quiet automatic, not dancing honey pitch:
            Not this raw knotted: not a little baby cramp brimming;
This bustle, this picnic of the stock elder:
            This chance bore a chute, these muscles dash:
This sate, this pound, this simple decanting:
            Not this transport, not back physique, not a slit, wound:
Not this Indian open early, not this teeming & honey:
            Not this raw-sugared stare because it plotted pain:
This gather: this leather-pocketed brail: This, these, this bowl, this tectonic:
            This shake: not this unflounce: this these perform:
This get-up: this snafoo: not this kleptocratic these:
            Not this Nepalese: not this hum: these feeble
Not this enough: these inject: not these destroy
            Not these tapers: not this sauce: these before
This supra: this trinket: this outer:
            This fuming, now, around: not opposing: not horned:
These jumping, reckless, simple


Schedule bitters intermittently...


Schedule bitters intermittently
so we elude set time.

What would do?
What two do.

Speak in an inside voice
and nip the sin.

            This scope is sizing enough: irreducible:

Trace lying down
an ear nod.

What hope do you have of relocating the sun?

            This gutted transport has a matter-of-facted dowry

Striped apropos,
pits pore so.

How is it you want us to call at this as home?
Sit, to all, his and some.

An incontinent hearing gut
I ton an entire rate.


Not exactly owning real property are we?


Not exactly owning real property are we?
No, we are tact, wing, and rope.

For splayed fingers

I yap and send.

How comfortable is this theatre?
More a fort less heat.

            This deepened: this marbled afternoon comes adroit

Raffle me your access
to the far reef sea.


Thomas Cook and TFD are co-editors and publishers of Tammy. Other work from Monster: a Glottochronology currently appears in Spinning Jenny, Qarrtsiluni, and others. Both hailing from Minnesota, they now live in different parts of New York--TC in Albany, TFD in NYC. The Monster continues to grow.

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