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I知 Asking for a Little Murmur

Panic at My Wilderness

I知 Asking for a Little Murmur


Belly up
on the trampoline,
the evening lets

the forest press
to syrup us

like a fist
kneading back

O look up
to want to
be a baby vortex

Everything is so far
away, still, it痴 happening

How to get it all
inside us is why
we池e lying here

Omissions, which
wait for us

I知 trying to grow fur
on this elasticity


Panic at My Wilderness


Wildlife wraps
around my scarf as

tires on the road
explode like crows


I知 trying to get
in front of those

backs of heads

Are they holding signs
or giant spoons?

Rows indicate the wait


Don稚 panic at my wilderness


Who are you if you
lie about your dreams?

The dent
in an over-ripe melon?

I値l never go below
ground, just be absorbed
by it

Spider-fractures on glass
mean no pristine alliance

Though when I sleep, fill the
empty parts of the door


JULIA COHEN has 10 chapbooks out or forthcoming, most recently, For the H in Ghost, from Brave Men Press. Her first full-length book, Triggermoon Triggermoon, releases in 2010. She lives in Denver and can be found at: www.onthemessiersideofneat.blogspot.com.

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